America's Safest Company


Striving to be the World's Safest Company

Enpro Industries is a "Dual Bottom Line" company where human development and corporate profitability are equally important. Human development is not possible without a safe environment for our colleagues. Therefore safety is one of Enpro's core values. Safety must be present in every aspect of our product life cycle, from the suppliers we partner with to the employees who build and distribute our products. We believe safe people make safer, higher quality products for our customers and the world.

At Enpro, we ensure physical and emotional safety in the workplace by actively caring for ourselves and others while building safe communities and a safer world. This culture creates a relentless focus on safety. We believe that every accident can be prevented. Therefore, our health and safety goal is clear - to have the world's safest colleagues.

Our Safety Pledge

"I pledge to personally be involved in creating an injury-free workplace. My dedication to creating a safe workplace free of all injuries will be absolute and clear through my actions."

We will achieve our zero-accident safety goal by developing the Enpro safety culture across all operating divisions. We focus on safety culture, which leads to results. This depends on committed, supportive leadership and engaged colleagues. All Enpro employees annually sign a pledge that they will help achieve our safety goal. Colleagues actively participate in our safety culture approach, designed to eliminate all incidents associated with Enpro activities, products, and services. The Enpro safety culture approach has developed tools and practices to ensure the workplace is built by our colleagues and for our colleagues.

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World-Class Safety Culture and Injury-Free Performance

Enpro Industries has a world-class safety culture, as demonstrated by our outstanding performance. EHS Today magazine annually recognizes America’s Safest Companies, but only a handful of companies are selected each year. Enpro has won three times since 2006, most recently in 2016. Companies are eligible for the award only once every five years. Enpro is one of only two companies to win this award three times. We are applying again in 2021 for the opportunity to win the award in every eligible year.

As a diverse medium-to heavy-duty manufacturer, it is very difficult for a company such as Enpro to be completely safe – yet most of our business units are injury-free. In fact, our safety performance record has improved consistently, and 2020 was once again Enpro’s all-time safest year. Our employees identified and addressed almost 21,000 safety issues last year preventing potential injuries. During that time, even with the complications created by COVID on our operations, our employees safely completed over 150 thousand hours of safety training, Safety Action Teams found creative ways to meet while maintaining social distancing requirements; our Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) decreased by 13% while our Lost Workday Case Rate (LWCR) was reduced by 20% from 2019 rates.

Enpro tracks safety performance at all locations worldwide and we recognize our employees’ safety performance efforts through facility-level awards. Annually, locations have an opportunity to earn our Safety Excellence Award for meeting certain strict safety performance criteria. The criteria are primarily focused on leading indicators including safety opportunities corrected rate, monthly colleague safety training hours, safety team meeting cadence, safety leadership development and implementation of our Safety 360 tool. Medical treatment case rate and lost-time case rates are reviewed but are less of a focus than the leading indicators. There are four facility safety awards categories: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. To achieve the Platinum award, the location must attain Gold status for three consecutive years. Gold status achieves our ultimate safety goal; zero medical treatment and lost-time injury cases. In 2020, 33 of our operations were recognized with our Safety Excellence Award.