Board of Directors

Stephen E. Macadam
President and Chief Executive Officer
EnPro Industries, Inc.

David L. Hauser
Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
FairPoint Communications

Thomas M. Botts
Retired Executive Vice President, Global Manufacturing
Shell Downstream Inc.

Felix M. Brueck
Director Emeritus
McKinsey & Company, Inc.

Bernard Burns, Jr.
Managing Director
McGuire Woods Capital Group

Diane C. Creel
Retired Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President
Ecovation, Inc.

Adele M. Gulfo
Chief of Commercial Development
Roviant Sciences Ltd.

John Humphrey
Former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Roper Technologies, Inc.

Kees van der Graaf
Former member of the board and executive committee
Unilever NV and Unilever PLC

Corporate Governance Guidelines

EnPro has implemented and is committed to best-practice corporate governance guidelines. We have set high standards of integrity and accountability for our directors, officers and employees, and we are committed to full disclosure of the company's affairs.

David L. Hauser
Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors

Examples of our commitment to corporate governance include:

  • Only one employee-director, our Chief Executive Officer, is a member of our Board.
  • The Chairman of the Board is not an executive of the company.
  • The remaining members of our Board are independent of management.
  • The independent members of our Board meet regularly without management present.
  • Each committee of our Board has a written charter to establish its duties and responsibilities.
  • Our independent auditors, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, report directly to the Board's Audit and Risk Management Committee.
  • All directors and officers certify annually their compliance with the Code of Business Conduct.
  • A strong internal audit function monitors compliance with our financial policies and reports to the Audit and Risk Management Committee.